Maine Forager at Holiday Craft Sales 2015


All of a sudden it became the end-of-Autumn.  We’re not really sure how, but in a flurry of apples, cordwood deliveries and early mornings seeming darker and darker (and then, wo-ho!, light again, thank you daylight savings) the season has arrived.  That season halfway between “the rest of the year” and the holidays.  The big box stores, almost all of them, insist it must be Christmas already.  We know better, this pre-Thanksgiving time to come back in to ourselves, light the wood stove and start making lists of all the delicious things we think we’ll have time to make for the holidays.

It’s also the mad dash to knit, fasten, hot glue and sew everything in sight that may possibly make a lovely thing to sell on a craft fair table.  This year, me?  I’m selling at two because both are near and dear to my heart for different reasons.  If you find yourself in the southern Maine area in early December, here is where you can find me and all my hand knits, vintage clothes and jewelry, teas and salves:

Sunday, December 13th ::: 7th Annual Picnic Holiday Sale!


I’m so happy to be setting up my wares at the 7th Annual Picnic Holiday Sale.  It’s located at the Portland Company at 58 Fore St., right in the heart of the quickly changing Portland waterfront.  Events like these are important to our city because it’s by locals for locals, and the out-of-towners can come, too.  This particular event is put on by the good people behind Pinecone & Chickadee, as well as a small army of their friends + helpers.  With music, food, arts, crafts, vintage and body/wellness vendors from all over this is probably going to be the best seven hours of the month for me.  A great time to connect with old friends and if the crowd gets to be too much you can always grab some food and find a quiet corner to assess all your loot to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone on your list.

Saturday, December 5th ::: Yarmouth History Center Holiday Craft Fair


This is a new one for me!  But I’m so excited, as someone who grew up in Yarmouth I used to visit the Historical Society as a kid when it was on the upper level of the town library.  The history of your own town is so great because you are living on its top layer.  Yarmouth is a small, coastal Maine town with a population under 10,000 people, so it won’t surprise me if I see someone I know while I’m manning the table.  The Historical Society is now located in what used to be the Water District building, on East Elm St. right by a trestle that spans the Royal River.  It’s going to be a homecoming, for sure, may even make some Clipper-themed ornaments for the occasion!


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