Socks for the Littlest Feet


Best Stripes Socks – Size Newborn to 6 months – $22.95 on Etsy with Free Shipping from Maine Forager

Have you noticed a trend the last couple days?  Lots of baby stuff entering the shop.  It may have something to do with a certain tiny stranger that the stork is due to bring to our door at the beginning of this summer, but I have been knitting wee things like crazy.

I really love this sock pattern.  With the ribbed legs and instep the socks grow with baby without squishing any little toes.  The fiber I use is marled and/or striped so the variations hide stains very well!  Personally, we did stock up on a set of store bought cotton socks since we’re having a summer baby, but these are perfect for cool nights which are, love it or hate it, a pretty regular thing on the Maine coast.  These two versions are now available in the shop, click on the pictures to get taken there.



Brown Bear Baby Booties – Size Newborn to 3 months – $22.95 with Free Shipping on Etsy from Maine Forager


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